Eduard Casillas, Ph.D.
Research Interests:
Total Synthesis of Terpene and Flavonoid Natural Products
Bioorganic chemistry and Biomimetic Synthesis

Associate Professor of Chemistry

NIH-CMBP Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Rochester

(under Professor Robert K. Boeckman)

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, 1996

(under Professor Craig A. Townsend)

B.A., Bradley University, 1987

Courses Taught:

    Organic Chemistry I (2211 & 3211) 
    Organic Chemistry II (2212 & 3212)
    Organic Chemistry Laboratories (2201, 2202, 3201, & 3202) 

    Organic Reactions and Synthesis
    Natural Products Biosynthesis
    Asymmetric Synthesis (co-taught with Professor Tammy Clark)

Mendel Science Experience
    Alchemy, Artisanship, Healing, and Chemistry